Thursday, February 28, 2013

MC252 Tarball Festival in Perdido Key, AL 2-28-2013

Apologies to all but I have been very quiet on this blog for a very long time.  I have to work for a living so this blog has had to take a back seat to those efforts.  

I have been following the beach re nourishment projects in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach.  So today was of special interest to me because the dredge and pipeline is setting up on one of our surf spots in Orange Beach on the Alabama stretch of Perdido Key.  I wanted to get some before and after shots of the beach.  So today would be a great day to get the before shots with good conditions and great sun.  But what I found today was quite disturbing, a fresh batch of MC252 Tarballs decide to have a Family Reunion on this beautiful stretch of beach in Perdido Key Alabama.

This chunk is larger than my hand!
I know this "Tarball Festival" is a daily occurrence in Mississippi an Louisiana and for the most part Gulf Shores and Orange Beach AL and Perdido Key FL.  It's just today I was just blown away by the size of the larger "chunks of oil".  This is by far the largest tarballs I have seen in the last two years.  Just imagine what size the tarmat is that these larger pieces broke off of?   

You see I have acquired this amazing inate ability to spot a tarball at around 5-10 paces away. I am not proud of this "skill", if you want to call it that.  It's just that when I am on the beach its the first thing I look for and that really sucks when you stop and think about it! 

So we are going on three years since the spill and the lawyers are going at it in the courtroom in the "Big Easy".  Pray the Beach Polluter - BP gets tagged as hard as they can. God knows they deserve it.   

I could ramble on and on.... gotta go to work..... I'll let the pics do the talking?