Friday, May 13, 2011

BP Contractor attempting to remove Tarmats from the Surf Zone in Perdido Key FL

BP Contractor is attempting to remove Tarmats in the Surf Zone in Perdido Key, FL

A BP Contractor has been working the last three days on the Beaches of Perdido Key, FL to remove large areas of tarmat in the surf zone near Eden Condominiums.

I was able to gain access to the area on Thursday afternoon 5-12-11 and take som photo's of the operation.

This is their machine of choice.  The process is seems slow and deliberate. The operator seems to be sifting through the surf zone until he sees enough black and then he dumps the content of the bucket into a blanket that is laying out on the beach.

Sifting taking place

Sad version of BP Beach Blanket Bingo!

The Day's Haul

 I am obviously happy they are going after the subsea oil, but I realize that this is basically just a media event.

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  1. Really interesting post. This is the first time I've seen this. More power to BP Contractor CE.