Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Particularly Deadly Night on Perdido Key, FL

One more Juvenile Porpoise and Turtle found this morning on Perdido Key.

I figured my foot would give you some scale.


  1. Chuck. Thanks for posting these heart-wrenching photos. Since NOAA has taken over the investigation, we are not hearing much news. Here in Walton County Florida, officials are not gathering nor testing all the dead birds at Topsail State Park. There are some rare beauties dying there and now a kill of blackbirds as well. Dare I mention all the fish, jellyfish? Thousands and thousands.
    None of it makes sense.
    We need help down here, and QUICK.

  2. Poor little baby...Perhaps his frolicking in the Gulf would have been pure hell ...One never knows but we certainly can make an educated guess..

  3. Thanks for these photos, they're grueling but necessary.

    If anyone happens across a "fresh" baby dolphin, please email babydolphin2011@gmail.com so that we can get an independent necropsy done. Please wrap it in newspaper/foil and put it on ice or freeze immediately.

    Thank you!

  4. Thank you Chuck for this post and everything you do for Surfrider and your beach. During all of this disaster, I recall the time I came across a dead turtle on my beach as the most emotional. Seeing her eyes open and a tear in the corner of her eye brought tears to my eyes and a commitment to my mind. We owe it to them and to our children to press on and make a positive difference in the wake of this disaster.

  5. I encourage anyone who see this comment to search Ian Crane Stockholm on youtube. He gives a lot of inside information. This was a planned holocaust. They have no intention of doing anything to stop/help it. Americans must stand together and peacefully protest demanding answers/accountability, anything less is acceptance/approval.